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We are thrilled to announce the cast for this Summers production of THE WIZ!


Adenike Adekoya                          Scarecrow

Annise Aflick                                 Munchkin 1 /  Mice Squad

Lara Arif                                        Munchkin 3 / Mice Squad

Celine Clark                                   STAGE MANAGEMENT

Minnie Cunningham                      Addaperle / Poppy

Catriona Gibbs                              Crow / Poppy

Leo Han                                         Gatekeeper

Hamish Hay                                  Winged Monkey

Jonathan Hermosa Lopez             The Wiz

Daisy Horan                                  Yellow Brick Road

Clodagh Kelsh                               Evillene / Crow / Poppy

Molly Jones                                   Dorothy

Miranda Kuyk                                Messenger

Ellie Leaver                                    Yellow Brick Road

Issy Lyons                                      Tornado / Yellow Brick Road

Cameron McClellan                       Uncle Henry / Lord High Underling

Ayann Mohamed                            First Winkie

Jane Murphy                                  Emerald City Citizen

Izzy Myatt                                      STAGE MANAGEMENT

Izzy Palmer                                    Glinda / Crow / Poppy

Tylie Reeves                                  Aunt Em

Max Sassi Mayoral Galindo           Lion

Grace Shepherd                            Emerald City Citizen / Poppy

Bridie Shine                                   Crow / Poppy

Henry Shine                                  Tin Man

Alison Waite                                  Yellow Brick Road

James Williams                             Munchkin 2 /  Mice Squad

ALL CAST MEMBERS WILL PLAY:                                                            


Emerald City Citizens                              


Winged Monkeys   

 Please note that scripts and vocal scores will be handed out on the first day of rehearsals, unless otherwise specified.